Integrity: The commitment of our company to five fundamental values( honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility). We believe that these five values, plus the courage to act on them even in the face of adversity, are truly foundational to the company.

 Diversity and inclusion: We as a company are considerate and mindful of other believes , cultural background, race, sexual orientation, gender , physical disabilities , and we encourage a working environment that applies an ethos of presence, pathos, persistence and proactivity . We celebrate our differences and integrate them as part of our global awareness.

 Competence: Approaching any situation with a positive mind set, skills, knowledge and expertise. We ensure that every expectation and need is met through our network of experts.

 Transparency : We strive to achieve a culture of honesty and of openness to strengthen our business accountability by building stronger relationships with clients and employees.

 Sustainability: We are conscious and hold a high regard of the environmental impact that the industry has and as such are in strict compliance with all appropriate measures, guidelines, policies and laws. We are strong advocates of clean seas impacted by air pollution, water pollution, acoustic and oil pollution 

Loyalty: We take an oath to our clients on behalf of the company that we consider each of our clients and company members as family and aim to always have their best interest in every step we take for ensuring their demands and expectations are met.

Equal opportunities: MBS is committed to ensuring everyone has equal work opportunities and have a voice within the workplace regardless of any differences including age, ethnicity and sexual orientation